#159 Magic


As you all might have noticed in SL, there will be a new roleplay around soon. It is called Hogwarts: Your Story and it is as the name suggest a roleplay based on the Harry Potter books. The roleplay will take place 20 years after Harry Potter left Hogwarts, so everything will be different. I signed myself up and this will actually be the first real RP I will ever do in SL so I am curious and a bit nervous. I realy hope I will like it. If you are interested please join the in-world group, ad Hogwarts: Your Story on Plurk, or check out the Flickr


Now something about my character, I tried to make my avie look like an 11-year old… I know maybe I don’t realy look 11 year old, but it is so hard to do so in my opinion. Maybe I will tweak around with my shape a bit more though. The name of my character is Olivia Fae, and her parents are both muggles. She will go to Ravenclaw as you might have noticed on the clothing. I love how I see some HP inspired items on the marketplace now. I can’t stop making uniforms. I might blog a few more that I have made and I hope I can help some of you who also are joining the RP. Oh and ofcourse I would love to see you in the castle when it opens.


Magical hugs!

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Elikatira – Other – Red 04 (slightly tinted)
Skin: LAQ – Jennie2 – 01 (Fair)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Eyes – Green

Freckles: Tres Blah – Freckles
Braces: L. Fauna – Braces
Gaptooth: L. Fauna – Gaptooth

Headband: Miel – Adi Headband
Wand: The Wandery – Basic Wand (14″) – Oak Wood / Fairy’s Wing Core
Badge: Pond! – Ravenclod Badge
Tie: Schadenfreude – You-Know-Who Necktie
Shirt: Schadenfreude – Oxford Shirt – White
Skirt: Mon Tissu – Highland Skirt – Blue
Socks: Kyoot – Lacey Whit Knee Sock – Lace03
Shoes: Coco – OxfordShoes – Patent Black

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